Care Instructions

All Bohzali rugs and textiles are authentic vintage finds, or crafted from vintage textiles. Due to their handwoven and unique nature - irregularities in shape and colour, as well signs of wear and age must be expected, and are what add to their beauty, character and value.

All Bohzali rugs are washed before leaving Morocco. You may find some loose fibers due to the recent washing which will only occur for a short period of time. Although they have been thoroughly washed some rugs will still retain grains of desert sand as some are place directly on the floor in more remote areas of the Atlas Mountains. This will reduce over a few household vacuums. Wool is a resilient material and perfect for rugs, our vintage rugs are carefully selected vintage pieces and some maybe more delicate than others. 

1) We do not recommend vacuuming your rug to frequently, particularly on long pile rugs. If you do vacuum you should vacuum across ways (across the width) instead of length ways (up and down the longest length) as this helps to work with the weave. You should also use a vacuum with a standard head and not one with a rotator wheel.

2) Shake outside every so often to free it from any dust or mites which like to get in and hide in dark places. We suggest leaving your rug out for a few hours in sunshine if possible when doing this and if it's in a safe space as this also helps prevents mites from trying to set up home in it (as with any natural textile product).

3) On concrete or timber flooring rubber matting or rug underlay will help to preserve the weave (on thinner or more vintage rugs) and aid non-slip. It doesn't damage the rug or the floor beneath. Also if on light coloured carpet we recommend using an underlay as well to help protect the carpet from the possibility of any dye run or rubbing from the rug. 

4) For any spills use a damp clean cloth with tepid water (make sure the cloth isn’t coloured as this could transfer to your rug). A clean tea towel is great! We also like chemical free wipes like baby water wipes. They are super easy to grab and use. You are best to get any spills early to avoid staining. A shammy like Miracle Shammy also works great as it absorbs liquid up out of the rug. 

5) We clean all of our rugs at home once in a while for a nice freshen up. This is not a regular thing and doesn’t need to be done often, or even annually. You should be able to find a rug cleaner close to your area but we can help direct you if needed. We use and recommend Chem-Dry who use all natural cleaning products. 

6) In Morocco they often rotate their rugs a few times a year to ensure even wear. Our homes and spaces tend to have a lot less foot traffic but it's worth considering doing this if your rug will be in a heavily used space or used a lot more on one side or in one area in particular.

7) Please! If you put your rug in storage for any length of time make sure it's very well sealed and even consider using a form of moth déterrant. Moths and mites LOVE dark spaces and if there is a way to get in they will often find it. Wool is a natural product and should be allowed to breath. If your item is in storage will still recommend trying to air it out on occasion.


This is a delicate handmade item and should be treated accordingly.

This item is hand woven and dyed. No chemicals are used to fix the colour.
Do not spot clean. Liquid will affect the colour of the natural vegetable dyes and may cause the colour to run/transfer to other materials. We recommend a fabric spray protector.