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Vintage and new Moroccan rugs meets modern design and interiors.

New & Vintage Moroccan Rugs

The rugs carefully chosen by Bohzali are handcrafted by the women of the various tribes of Morocco, and can take a few months to a year to complete. Each tribe has a particular style of crafting and the rugs are given the namesake of these tribes, such as the Boujaad - often known for their patterns of small geometric shapes and stars.

Our vintage rugs are one-of-a-kind, authentic vintage carpets directly sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Handwoven by local artisans, they make the most beautiful addition to a home, adding texture, complexity and warmth to any interior space. Each piece has a rich history and vintage rugs can be between 20-60 years old - oh the stories they could tell! These are timeless style pieces that with care can even carry on for generations to come. 

New rugs are also available, created using these ancient traditional methods in modern styles. The same quality and craftsmanship goes into these textiles, hand-woven in the most lasting of materials.

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At Bohzali we have a small and dedicated team, here to help bring the essence of your dream home design and style to life. Our traditionally handcrafted rugs create tonal warmth, cohesion and vibrancy - often in unexpected ways that can utterly transform your spaces. We also offer a range of complementary homewares and furnishings to create a unique look that feels completely you. 


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