New Moroccan Rug nz Bohzali
New Moroccan Rug nz Bohzali


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Beni Ourain carpets hail from high in the Atlas mountains of Morocco were temperatures are colder and therefore are a thicker pile, warmer rug. They are a handmade double-knotted carpet using un-dyed permium Berber wool giving them a lush thick pile. Their more neutral and simple design, often a classic black/brown diamond on a natural cream base make these a timeless and adaptable  to most decors. 

Our rugs are one-of-a-kind, authentic vintage carpets directly sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They were handwoven by local artisans and make the most beautiful addition to a home or business. Each piece has a rich history and bring life and colour to any space. 

Each rug is individually handcrafted and maybe slightly asymmetrical in their shape and pattern with some minor imperfections.

Pile: Medium

Size: 1650 x 950mm

Age: New

Condition: Excellent 

Handmade in Morocco